Our staff will help you with:
  • Binding – The binding of multiple documents into one neat booklet.
  • Copying – A4 and A3 sized copies. Be they mono- or full-color, we do both.
  • Laminating – Preserve a photo or document by heat sealing it in plastic.
  • Faxing – We fax away to local and international.
  • E-Mailing – Don’t have access to your mails? We got you on this…
  • Orders – Not seeing something you want in our store? Ask our staff, we train them like blood hounds. They’ll find what you’re looking for.
The Technical staff offer:
  • Computer Repairs – Virus Removal, System Optimization
  • Upgrades – Assessment and Upgrade Services
  • On-site Services –  Business- or Home-On-site Support.
  • Networking – Network installation and Setup services.
  • Insurance Assessment Report and Quotation – Assessment and damage reports for insurance claims.
  • Third Party Services – Specialist Repairs and Data Recovery Options